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How can I handle pending payments?

In Android, Adapty can return an error like this: Adapty Error {"adaptyCode": "pendingPurchase", "code": 121612016, "localizedDescription": "Purchase: PENDING_PURCHASE"} How do I know when and if the payment is successful?

How to prepare a new an-app purchase for approving in appstore?

Hi Adapty community! Trying to publish a new version of the app, where in-app purchases should appear for the first time. Problem: If we put a subscription screen with a subscribe button — App Store Review team see crashes, because the Adapty that handles subscriptions doesn't find approved subscriptions in the Connect, it doesn't pull them and the app crashes. And (as far as I understand) we can't approve in-apps independently (without testing a complete working application). Question: How to break the vicious circle: 1. App Store Review can't test purchases, because in-apps are not approved. 2. New in-apps can't be approved separately, App Store Review wants to test them already inside a fully working app. Sorry if this question is off-topic. Thanks for any advice.

getPaywalls dont work

I am not able to list the products and paywalls with getPaywalls. The error occurs in the emulator, in a project without Typescript. An error message appears: { adaptyCode: 'billingUnavailable', localizedDescription: 'Play Market request failed: Billing service unavailable on device.'} appID : com.apppathplus Email: [email protected] My code: try { adapty.paywalls.getPaywalls(); const paywalls = await adapty.paywalls.getPaywalls({forceUpdate: true}); //console.log('result-->',paywalls,products) console.log('paywalls-->',paywalls) }catch(AdaptyError) { console.log('get_products-->',AdaptyError) } Can you help me? Thanks, André Alencar

Adapty working slow on real iOS device

We using flutter When call getPaywalls, restorePurchases ... we just waiting 7 min no error ... In android and ios emulators work fine Tested devices: Iphone XR Iphone 11 pro Iphone 13 pro Iphone 7 Logs: https://codeshare.io/DZ7Bbl

Adapty Pro Monthly

Hello I wanted to understand the pricing of the Adapty Pro plan a little better. Would I be charged $7.99 or $99 per month if my MTR < $1000? We're on the verge of choosing between Adapty and RevenueCat, and a response to this query would really help us make the decision.

Adapty inapp

Hello. I'm trying to implement inapps in my application using adapty. And I faced with a problem when I try to display paywall. When I call method Adapty.showVisualPaywall(...) I get blank screen and nothing else. I guess this method helps to show your paywall(and products) without writing any code for presentation, but it doesn't work or I do something wrong. I will be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

Adapty not working on real iOS device

We using flutter When call getPaywalls, restorePurchases ... we just waiting no error ... In android and ios emulators work fine Tested devices: Iphone XR Iphone 11 pro Iphone 7

Должно ли в эмуляторе iOS 14.3 работать?

Добрый день! Получаю ошибку 1001 "No In-App Purchases were found". Должна ли подписка быть апрувлена в App Store?

App Store Connect missing in app settings

Hey, reading the docs here https://docs.adapty.io/docs/app-store-connect And it seems that App Store Connect on the https://app.adapty.io/settings/general page It has only General iOS SDK Android SDK Apple Search Ads Is it available only on Pro? Because it is not clear for me from docs. I've been following this docs https://docs.adapty.io/docs/product?_ga=2.98328279.955166145.1645430445-2122688601.1642411634 initially Can you please clarify? Maybe I was looking in the wrong place?

React native - getPaywalls throws UNKNOWN_ERROR

Hello. We are implementing the react native sdk but when we try to get the paywalls we receive this error. AdaptyError { "adaptyCode": "unknown", "code": 0, "localizedDescription": "UNKNOWN_ERROR", } What can be the cause?