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An issue with adapty activation?


I am working on the store page for my app and am receiving a 404 error - stating 'PurchaseContainer not found' along with a url.


Full error below:

[Error: #2003 (badRequest): Request is unsuccessful. https://api.adapty.io/api/v1/sdk/in-apps/purchase-containers/paywall_one/?profile_id=40962bd6-e3de-457f-8112-a6ae0b9c8184&locale=en Code: 404, Response: {"errors":[{"detail":"PurchaseContainer Not Found","status":"404","source":{"pointer":"/data"},"code":"not_found"}]}]

And here is the error of the URL if you don't want to go to it.

errors: [
detail: "Authentication credentials were not provided.",
status: "401",
source: {
pointer: "/data"
code: "not_authenticated"

And the implementation is correct according to the docs

// App.js //

useEffect(() => { adapty.activate('MY_ADAPTY_API_KEY') }, [])

Any ideas - looking at similar discussions but not finding anything of use.