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Protocol 'AdaptySystemEventParameters' as a type cannot conform to 'Encodable' Flutter error

I have this issue while doing iOS build. Android is good. What I need to do?

The error is in this lines

// EventType.swift
// Adapty
// Created by Aleksei Valiano on 07.10.2022.

import Foundation

enum EventType {
case appOpened
case paywallShowed(AdaptyPaywallShowedParameters)
case onboardingScreenShowed(AdaptyOnboardingScreenParameters)
case system(AdaptySystemEventParameters)

extension EventType {
enum Name {
static let appOpened = "app_opened"
static let paywallShowed = "paywall_showed"
static let onboardingScreenShowed = "onboarding_screen_showed"
static let system = "system_log"

static let systemEvents = [Name.system]

var name: String {
    switch self {
    case .appOpened:
        return Name.appOpened
    case .paywallShowed:
        return Name.paywallShowed
    case .onboardingScreenShowed:
        return Name.onboardingScreenShowed
    case .system:
        return Name.system


extension EventType: Encodable {
func encode(to encoder: Encoder) throws {
var container = encoder.container(keyedBy: Event.CodingKeys.self)
switch self {
case .appOpened:
try container.encode(Name.appOpened, forKey: .type)
case let .paywallShowed(value):
try container.encode(Name.paywallShowed, forKey: .type)
try value.encode(to: encoder)
case let .onboardingScreenShowed(value):
try container.encode(Name.onboardingScreenShowed, forKey: .type)
try value.encode(to: encoder)
case let .system(value):
try container.encode(Name.system, forKey: .type)
let data = try Backend.encoder.encode(value)
let string = String(decoding: data, as: UTF8.self)
try container.encode(string, forKey: .customData)