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Wrong behavior with multiple accounts on the same device with active subscription

I want to use your service to manage subscriptions across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Web), because I have external authorization in my service. But I have a problem with the access level. For example:
I call Adapty SDK method - try await Adapty.identify("1")
I'm making an in-app purchase, then I retrieve a profile try await Adapty.getProfile()
In result I see "premium" access level is granted. It's ok.
Next, I log out of the profile and call Adapty.logout()
Now I want to log in with a different account, and I call SDK method - try await Adapty.identify("2"). But there's a problem here.
Both profiles have a "premium" access level. It's wrong, I want only one customer_id to have granted access level "premium". Do you have a solution for this case?