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This is our monthly post with Frequently Asked Questions from our customers. Hope this article will be useful for you all!

Analytics and events:

  • How to set test environment when initialising Adapty?

You don't need to set the test environment manually. The stores themselves signal that the event is a test one.

Paywalls and A/B testing:

  • Is it possible to see sandbox purchase data, especially the revenue, in the A/B test metrics?

No, the revenue from sandbox testing won't be shown in A/B test metrics, however, there will be view from sandbox testing. So in this case, we recommend to make testing before releasing a new version of A/B on prod

Mobile SDK:

  • How does Adapty determines user’s geo?

We determine geo by IP. And, we also get Country value from the Store, so there is additional flexibility to this. Sometimes, those values end up being different.

  • Do you support IAP and AdMob monetization?

Sure thing, we support pretty much any IAP that is supported by the stores, and of course, allow having multiple pricing options at once.

  • Is it possible to make an app release and then import historical data? Will everything work without data?

Yes, of course you can do that. Adapty integration will work without a historical date, so you can download it later.

  • Where can I find all relevant GDPR Documents?

Please check out our links for GDPR: