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Cannot get subscription info. getInfo does not work

I successfully create a paywall with two products (annual and monthly subscription).

I am able to complete the test transaction and subscribe the user (If I retry I got the error "user already subscribed").

But when I call the getInfo() api:

const purchaseInfo = await adapty.purchases.getInfo({ forceUpdate: true });

I always get no active subscriptions inside:

{"accessLevels": {}, "nonSubscriptions": {}, "profileId": "18492cac-0aef-4040-8e7a-4c55bd7e41d8", "subscriptions": {}}

Also the listener adapty.addEventListener('onInfoUpdate'... does not fire.

Platform: React Native - Android

More info: I created the service account and I can see the logs in the Google Cloud Console:
"serviceName": "pubsub.googleapis.com",
"methodName": "google.pubsub.v1.Subscriber.CreateSubscription",