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introductoryOfferEligibility and promotionalOfferEligibility, which one is using for determine the availability of free trial, I don't quite think the response is correct.

localizedSubscriptionPeriod: 1 week, price: 2.99, localizedTitle: 7M Pro, currencyCode: USD, discounts: [], vendorProductId: com.oneothergame.7min_cardio.pro_weekly, promotionalOfferEligibility: true, introductoryOfferEligibility: false, isFamilyShareable: false, paywallABTestName: x13eswwt - Basic OOG106 design with 1 option (A/B Test), variationId: 6cf0d180-b9b7-453e-a5aa-32178530da9e, subscriptionGroupIdentifier: 20903914, regionCode: US, paywallName: paywall-x13eswwt (Weekly), localizedPrice: $2.99, subscriptionPeriod: numberOfUnits: 7, unit: day, localizedDescription: Unlock music and all premium content., introductoryDiscount: numberOfPeriods: 1, localizedPrice: $0, localizedSubscriptionPeriod: 1 week, subscriptionPeriod: numberOfUnits: 1, unit: week, paymentMode: freeTrial, price: 0, currencySymbol: $