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iOS build breaks after adding adapty pod

We're using Adapty react-native library. After Pod install we fall into cycle dependency during build:

Cycle in dependencies between targets 'Adapty' and 'AppAuth'; building could produce unreliable results. This usually can be resolved by moving the target's Headers build phase before Compile Sources.
Cycle path: Adapty → CryptoSwift → FBSDKCoreKit → FBSDKCoreKit-FacebookSDKStrings → BVLinearGradient → React → React-Core → boost-for-react-native → DoubleConversion → AppsFlyerFramework → AppAuth → Adapty

Headers build phase is already before Compile sources in Adapty.

Worth to mention, we're using a slightly different Podfile than standard react natives. We use almost all pods as statics and Adapty is specifically marked to be a dynamic framework.