Itunes Integration

Getting Started

Unfortunately Apple does not provide oAuth API for AppStore Connect. That is why some steps are required to set up manually. Fortunately, you do them only ones.

Is my data safe?

Please read how we store data and process. Your privacy matters for us.

Getting credentials for App Store Connect

There are 5 variable we need you to fill for us. 4 of them are account based meant that you enter them only once for your Adapty account, the last one app based, so you need a unique key for each application in Adapty.

Issuer ID, API key, ID Private key

All these variable are accessible on a single page.

  1. Open your App Store Connect and log in with your account

  2. Choose any application and then go to Users and Access

Click on the upper left menu and choose Users and Access

And then hit Keys

3. Now you need to generate API Key for us to have access to your data on your behalf

Be sure you are an admin of the App Store Connect account. Otherwise you won't be able to generate a key.

Don't forget to set Sales and Reportsaccess scope while generating a key.

4. That's it! Now you can download a key as a .p8 file. DO NOT DELETE THIS KEY save it in secure place you'll be able to download in only once. Learn more about this key.

You should now have a page similar to this one

Users and Access Keys after key generation

From this page you should get

  • Issuer ID — basically it's ID of a user who issued the key

  • Key ID — Apple's internal identifies of the key

  • Private keythat you've downloaded on a step 4

Vendor number

Now you need a vendor number. Just go to Payment and financial reports and you'll see at on the upper left corner.

Vendor number is blurred

One more thing is left...

App Store Connect shared secret

The last step is to get an App-Specific Shared Secret. This key is app specific be sure to generate it for each of your app.

However, you can generate one Master Shared Secretand use one key for all your apps. Just choose Master Shared Secret as an option when generating shared secret.

Navigate to any of your apps and jump into In-App Purchases section on the left.

Code generation link will be on the right.

Generate a Shared Secret or Master Shared Secret and copy it.


Be sure you save your API Key, you won't have access to it later!

All other variables will be available in your App Store Connect account.