Purchase container

Purchase container is a placeholder. Developers set a placeholder in the app and all content received from Adapty interface.

Multiple containers in a single app

Container usage is:

  1. Create one or many Purchase groups i.e. different paywall configurations

  2. Create a container and chose Groups

If you add one Group, it's used as-is on the client.


To create a container

  1. Copy existing container i.e. use it as a template

  2. Create new from scratch

Container creation


  • Id — Id of this container that is used in Adapty SDK. You can not change it after container creation

  • Namecontainer name that you use in Adapty interface

  • Description — container description

You can add existing Group or create a new group inline.

Inline group creating during container creating

Set up A/B test

If you add more than one Group to the container, Adapty automatically starts A/B test.

A/B test for two Purchase Groups

Adapty splits Container traffic according to Groups' weights. On the screenshot above, Groups are split 75-25, so 3/4 of users will see Lifetime Subscription option and 25% Subscriptions 1 Month + 1 Year.


Containers are immutable. You can't edit container as is, you need to create a new Revision.

Revision is a version. Each change inside your container creates new revision. With such architecture it's easier for you to correctly measure A/B test and understand which feature affected test results.