Paid access level

Control scope of available features in the app with Paid access levels.

Your app usually has different features on different tiers, for example:

  • Free tier. Some basic features, available for everyone who downloaded the app for free

  • Standard tier. It unlocks standard feature set on a paid plan

  • Premium tier. Some advanced features

  • Etc.

You may have as many Paid access levels as you need depending on your business logic. For most companies one is enough, but, for example, if you develop mobile app for learning languages, you may have different Paid access levels for different languages. This gives you flexibility with your business logic.

Paid access level is linked with Product, so when a user purchases he's automatically assigned with an Access level.

Linking Paid access level to a Product

after that to unlock available features in your app you can check with something like

if (profile.paidAccessLevels["standard"]?.isActive == true) {
/* Grant user access to paid functions of the app */

Access level and a user for customers support

After purchasing a Product the user is assigned with Access level. It's not set if a user didn't make any purchase.

Paid Access Level in the Profile

Sometimes you want to grant the user a premium features in your app. You can do it with editing access level.

Setting Paid access level

Choose which Access level you want to grant and Expiration date of choose Lifetime unlock.

For Lifetime subscriptions Paid Access Level is automatically set to Lifetime. For other subscriptions, Expiration at is a date of a next charge