3rd party analytics

Because Apple sends subscription events via Subscription url directly to a server, apps can not send events to analytical systems correctly and on-time. For example, if user subscribed and then didn't open an app, without a server developer will get zero information about subscription status.

It's not a raw events proxy from Apple/Google. Adapty processes events into human-readable format instantly as they created and enriches them with additional information, such as customer ID

You don't need to write a custom web server to process Apple subscription events, Adapty does it for you. Find how to set subscription url in Settings.

Each integration is native, so Adapty maps some properties to system-native.

If you leave Event Name blank, Adapty won't send it


To integrate AppsFlyer go to Integrations -> AppsFlyer and set credentials.

AppsFlyer integration

To find App ID, open your app page in App Store Connect and find it just below Bundle ID

App ID for iOS

To find Android Package Name, open your app page on Play Store Console. Find Package Name on a hover in a right upper corner

Finding Android Package Name

Open AppsFlyer and then your app page. Scroll on the left bar and find App Settings. Copy it for Dev Key field

Finding Dev Key in AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer doen't have a Sandbox mode for server2server integration. So you need a different application/account in AppsFlyer to for Sandbox Dev Key.


Adapty maps some events to AppsFlyer standard events by default. With such configuration, AppsFlyer can further map events to each ad network that you use.


To integrate Adapty with Mixpanel you need only one variable — Mixpanel access token. Find the token in your Mixpanel project. If you need help, here's an officials docs how to find it.

Token that Adapty needs for the integration

Adapty maps some properties such as user id and revenue of the event to Mixpanel-native properties. With such mapping Mixpanel is able to show you correct data in the profile and events timeline. You can also change event mapping to how they appear in Mixpanel.

If provided via SDK, Adapty uses your Mixpanel ID. Else, Adapty uses your user ID (customer_user_id) or if it's null, Adapty ID.

Adapty also accumulate revenue from each user.


In the same way as Mixpanel, Adapty maps properties to Amplitude-native properties.

You need to enter a Token into Adapty. To find a token go to your Project settings in Amplitude. In case you need a help refer to official docs.

Amplitude API key. Copy in and paste into Adapty


Facebook Ads integration is different from all others. Usually, companies create ad using Facebook and would like to optimize campaigns based on customers behaviour. Optimization available only for Facebook standard events. That's why editing mapping is not available for Facebook Ads integration. Adapty properly maps customers event into Facebook events in the following way

Adapty event

Facebook Ads event

Subscription initial purchase


Subscription renewed


Subscription cancelled


Trial started


Trial converted


Trial cancelled


Non subscription purchase


Billing issue detected


Entered grace period


Auto renew off


Auto renew on


Auto renew off subscription


Auto renew on subscription


StartTrial, Subscribe, CancelSubscription are standard events.

You need an application on Facebook Developers platform. Log in into your app and then find advanced settings.

Scroll down and find a Client Token. Also find App ID in the header.

App ID and Client Token