Advanced Analytics

Install Adapty SDK and start analyzing real-time metrics of your iOS or Android app with advanced filters, such as ad network, ad campaign, country, A/B test, and more.


Advanced Analytics allows you to track the following metrics.


Total money received from both subscriptions and one-time purchases. Does not include revenue from subscriptions and purchases that were refunded afterwards.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MMR)

The measure of the predictable and recurring revenue components of your subscription business. Calculated as following:

MRRi=subscriptionsPsNsDsmMRR_i = \sum_{subscriptions}{{P_s*N_s}\over{D_{sm}}}

Where: Ps - subscription price Ns - number of active paid subscriptions for this subscription Dsm - subscription duration in months (0.25 for weekly subscriptions)

Basically, MRR shows revenue from all active subscriptions normalized to one month. For example, for a yearly subscription, instead of counting full revenue from the start, revenue is split into 12 equal parts which are evenly spread across 12 month period.

E.g. if there are 2 active yearly subscriptions with price $240 and 10 monthly subscriptions with price $30, MMR = 240 * 2 / 12 + 30 * 10 / 1 = $340


An average revenue per paid user. Calculated as revenue / number of users who paid If revenue this day is $1000, and there were 50 users who made at least one purchase, ARPPU = 1000 / 50 = $20


Events: number of subscription activations, including renewals. Users: number of currently active subscriptions. Status: A number of active subscriptions segmented by auto-renew status which indicates whether or not this subscription will be renewed to the next period.


Events: number of free trial activations. Users: number of currently active free trials. Status: A number of active trials segmented by auto-renew status which indicates whether or not this trial will be converted to a paid subscription.

Grace Period

A number of subscriptions that entered the Grace Period due to the billing issue. During the Grace Period subscription is still active while the store tries to receive payment. After Grace Period ends without successful renewal, subscription enters Billing Issue state.

Billing Issues

Events: number of subscriptions that entered the Billing Issue state. Users: number of subscriptions that are currently in the Billing Issue state Subscription usually enters the Billing Issue state if the store is unable to receive payment from the subscriber due to some reason (e.g. expired credit card or not enough money). While the Billing Issue state is taking place, the subscription is not active. If the Grace Period feature is enabled (in the store settings), that Billings Issue state becomes active only after the Grace Period expires.

Churned Subscriptions

Number of subscription and trial cancellations segmented by cancellation reasons.


Events: Number of refunded purchases and subscriptions. Money: Amount of money that was refunded.

Subscription/Trial Cancelled

A number of subscriptions/trials that entered Auto Renewal Off state. Auto Renewal Off state means that the user switched off auto renewal of subscription/trial, so it won't be automatically renewed to the next period.

Sub/Trial Restored

A number of subscriptions/trials that went back Auto Renewal On state. Auto Renewal On state means that subscription/trial will be automatically renewed to the next period. Auto Renewal On state is the default renewal state of the auto-renewable subscription.


Advanced Analytics provides the following filters.


Filter metrics by user's store country (if available, otherwise IP country is used).


Filter metrics by product (both subscriptions and one-time purchases are available).


Filter metrics by platform (iOS/Android).

A/B tests

Filter metrics by A/B tests that are associated with purchases.


Filter metrics by Attribution fields like Status, Channel, Campaign, etc.